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{ our new breakfast nook }

I’ve been hinting over the past few posts that this summer we went whole-hog with the remaining home improvement projects and may have conjured up not just one, but two farmhouse tables. Lemme ‘splain. This is our breakfast nook: The first (and only time) you may have possibly laid eyes on it (unless you’ve come […]

kitchen remodel: the cabinets

We’re halfway through kitchen remodel week – and we’ve reached …the cabinets.  Cue dramatic music. Grab yourself a latte and have a seat. Painting the kitchen cabinets myself was probably my most successful DIY ever.  It was also definitely the longest, most time consuming, heart-wrenching, drag-out-dirty project I’ve ever done.  And so worth it.  I […]

kitchen remodel: choices.

Now that you’ve seen the before and after, let’s talk about how we got there.  We didn’t use an interior designer, or a kitchen designer or any such thing.  The kitchen is a mix of online inspiration, the best deals we could find, and a few splurges on certain things that mattered. Originally, I thought […]