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louie, louie.

The presses are chugging away over here, but I had to stop and take a moment to tell you about a fun little thing. Our tractor birthday invites (remember them from here, and the birthday party that inspired them) are a finalist in the 2010-11 Louie Awards. What are the Louies, you say? I’d like […]

{ a birthday invitation }

It’s Friday! =) Moving right along down the list of cool letterpress things I want to share with you… you’re going to love this… a non-holiday one (yay!). If you remember, our little guy turned three recently, and this year we actually did a little birthday party for him. We’ve gotten by on previous years […]

{ a bit of yellow and grey. }

Been wondering where we’ve been, have you?  Were we… 1) Disappeared off the face of the planet? 2) On an extended second honeymoon for our anniversary?  3) Basking in the sun and hanging out with our fabulous two year old? Sadly, none of the above.  Let’s just say it’s been busy, super busy, and work […]