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instagr.am { the month of february }

Welp. February is toast. Although we’ve been getting happy rain lately, February was a mild, mild month overall (sorry to all you blizzard sufferers). In fact, this is what our downtown looked like on February 1st(!): { Downtown trees in bloom. Earliest spring ever. } { Remember last month? With the beer? I lied, apparently. […]

instagr.am { the month of january }

{ a couple of snowy runs up at the cabin over new year’s. so cold and yet delightful. } { we surprised Cameron with his first ever trip to Disneyland, where he:  } { …fought and bested Darth Vader… } { …ate with the critters… and generally had an awesome time. I can’t wait to […]

instagr.am { the month of november }

I think I better give you November’s instragram “dump” before it turns to be January! Let’s see. In November… { I “gotaway” with my sister to the charming little town of Sutter Creek. <3 } { I finally got a new chain for my favorite locket. It was my mother’s, and is over 40 years […]