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instagr.am { the month of february }

Welp. February is toast. Although we’ve been getting happy rain lately, February was a mild, mild month overall (sorry to all you blizzard sufferers). In fact, this is what our downtown looked like on February 1st(!): { Downtown trees in bloom. Earliest spring ever. } { Remember last month? With the beer? I lied, apparently. […]

instagr.am { the month of january }

{ a couple of snowy runs up at the cabin over new year’s. so cold and yet delightful. } { we surprised Cameron with his first ever trip to Disneyland, where he:  } { …fought and bested Darth Vader… } { …ate with the critters… and generally had an awesome time. I can’t wait to […]

instagr.am { the month of december }

Please excuse the blog silence. I’ve been trying not to beat myself up about it! So many things have been happening (along with many sicknesses) and sometimes, just sometimes, the internet world and the real world do not get to collide for a while. But!! If you’ve stuck with me, thank you. I’ve had an […]

instagr.am { the month of november }

I think I better give you November’s instragram “dump” before it turns to be January! Let’s see. In November… { I “gotaway” with my sister to the charming little town of Sutter Creek. <3 } { I finally got a new chain for my favorite locket. It was my mother’s, and is over 40 years […]