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hello there.

Well, whaddya wanna know?  Here's the plain and simple truth:  My name is Rebekah Tennis and I love design.  I love paper, the way it feels, its weight and texture.  I love extra special touches on little things: homemade tags on gift-wrap, old stamps on an envelope, and twine on nearly everything.

My husband, business partner and all-around solid rock Matt would probably tell you that he likes tools - lots of 'em, finding the perfect way to do something, taking things apart, and precision in everything. 

So you might as well have guessed by now... we are the perfect match for an old letterpress studio. Together we farm rice and have three adorable and active boys ages 5 and under.  This keeps us fairly busy, but whenever we have a spare moment, we crank up our 102 year old Chandler and Price platen press and pull some prints, or whip out a card line on the Heidelberg. 

There's more, oh yes, there IS more - but that's what this blog is for.  Take a look around, get to know us, our great town of Chico, California and our beautiful presses.

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dinner for 40.

As I mentioned in my last post, we celebrated Matt’s birthday with a rather large dinner party. I’m really excited to share it with you because I think it’s important to demystify this part of entertaining: planning and having events that could otherwise seem unattainable or just plain scary to pull off. I was really […]

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{ a crab feed. }

Did you know that crab season on the West Coast (San Francisco, anyway) is in the middle of the winter? I found that out sort of the hard way this past summer… I was enticed by all the glorious photographs of lobster feeds mid-summer at the beach, and clam bakes in the sand, crab feeds […]

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a little dinner party.

It’s been ages since I did a post on food (way back here, I think)… but don’t think for a minute that we have stopped eating! This summer has been full of farmer’s market bounty, and since the weather has been so mild (relatively), the growing season on many items has stretched out longer than […]

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the food of the irish.

Let me start out with full disclosure:  I am not Irish.  I am American mutt, of course, but probably couldn’t come up with even a  teeny-tiny bit of Irish in my heritage to save my own life.  Matt doesn’t think he has any Irish background either (although if anyone would know it would be Aunt […]

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shepherds pie, two ways { part two }

You all may remember, once upon a time, long ago, when your children all were young and cute (which now they’ve grown to be corporate executives and such)… well, anyway, WAY back then… I posted the first part of this Shepherd’s Pie series.  Which aforementioned series is not REALLY “Shepherd’s Pie” to begin with, because […]

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shepherds pie, two ways { part one }

It’s still rainy here in Northern California and I’m appreciative, because we desperately need it.  Yay for snow pack and more water!  To keep from getting the winter doldrums, I suggest curling up by the fire with a good book, or playing a game you don’t usually play (for us it’s chess) and eating comfort […]

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