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a little cottage ranch kitchen.

Here it is at long last… the before-and-after shots of my parent’s little cottage kitchen remodel! If you recall, my parents moved to Chico and bought a tiny ranch fixer-upper on a roomy acre. I first shared with you the inspiration for the kitchen remodel (which I was privileged to design and shop for) back […]

{ our new breakfast nook }

I’ve been hinting over the past few posts that this summer we went whole-hog with the remaining home improvement projects and may have conjured up not just one, but two farmhouse tables. Lemme ‘splain. This is our breakfast nook: The first (and only time) you may have possibly laid eyes on it (unless you’ve come […]

kitchen remodel: source list

Well, we made it through kitchen week!  I hope yesterday’s post didn’t kill you – it was so loooooong.  Just understand, I felt a need to show my gratitude towards the people who graciously put their time into making a “how-to” so that complete strangers can have an easier time doing projects.  And wanted to […]