knights and dragons and castles, oh my!

Hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween last night! We most certainly enjoyed it! Little kids + crazy dress-up + candy = SO much fun to watch.

As promised, I’m back with a run-down of the boys costumes. I’m stickin’ with a theme for as long as these kids will let me (until they have decided opinions of their own, at least). Last year was a Fire Department – firetruck, fireman and one sad dalmatian. This year? A knight, a dragon and one confused castle.

Shall we take a peek?

A Dragon, a Castle and a Knight | Halloween 2013

The boys loved their costumes this year. LOVED them. Except maybe Kip, but he tolerated it, never melted down and seemed to really get in the spirit once he figured out there was candy involved.

First up, the brave knight…

Knight costume

Costume = purchased here ($19 with free shipping). You don’t expect me to DIY everything, do you?!

And up next, a fiery dragon…

Dragon Cape

Cape = purchased here ($30, so this was the big splurge). Loved this cape, so easy to put on for dress up! It has a tale!

And lastly, one sturdy castle…DIY Castle Costume

Which was the only thing I made myself. But it was an awesome, completely free and easy DIY, so I’m going to share it with you today.

I was on the fence about having time to make this, we had an old giraffe costume of Cameron’s that would have worked in a pinch, and Kip doesn’t really care about dress-up yet, anyhow (he will soon!). So, Halloween afternoon rolled around and I had done nothing. No research, no shopping, no prep, nada. Just a glimmer of an idea in my head. The time? 1:30 pm. Naptime, which is code word for “productivity”. I slipped out to the studio and assessed the existing supplies. No time to buy anything.

I started with a used cardboard box (12 x 18 x 18):


Penciled a castle outline and then went to work with the box-cutter:


Decided to leave the door attached as a sort of drawbridge.

I cut out all four sides, and some windows:


So far, so good. I also cut one of our gift wrap shipping tubes into four pieces:


Then I cut up some scrap blue cardstock:


And rolled it into a cone, clean side out:


And hot-glued that together. You could also staple.

Then I glued the tubes to the castle sides and tried this mock-assembly to see if it was working:


Still tracking! At this point, I haul it outside for my favorite fixer in the whole world: spray paint. Preferably metallic (it just goes on so easy!):


One silver castle! I didn’t worry about drips or total coverage, just went quick and easy.

By then it was 2:15 pm and I had to go grocery shopping or there would be no dinner (and we all know Halloween is the busiest night of the year for takeout pizza). So, I left it to dry and Cam and I headed off to Trader Joes.

Back at 3:40, it was dry enough for my taste (you don’t have to cut it this close). I glued on the cone turrets and added some ribbon to the drawbridge:


I also used a marker to draw loose little stones all over the castle – this detail didn’t show up very well at night, but it’s lovely close-up. Just an assortment of “L”s in a row is way faster than drawing a complete square for a stone.

I added ribbon straps to the inside and it was ready to be tested out:


Kip was very excited about it.


At least for the first five seconds of having it on, anyhow.


We cut the straps to his size, and voila! It was finished. Ending time 4:30 pm. Easy DIY, right? halloween_2013_4

Pure cuteness.

It’s hard to get a good photo of three little kids in costume together! We fared better than last year, but the one at the top of the post is the best we got. Here are some of the outtakes…


And here is some of the swordplay that followed…




Yay for three boys. Times like this I feel so very blessed. They’re a handful, but they’re a heartful too.

Want to see previous Halloweens? They’re all right here. Infamous toy army guy too.

Happy weekend!






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