a cottage remodel.

What’s the month of January without a bit of a remodel? Fresh year, fresh start…

You may be wondering if I have anything at all to remodel left. After the exterior, living room, kitchen, master bath, guest bath, master bedroom, nursery, boy’s room, studio, laundry room and side yard, there can’t be anything in my home untouched, right? For the record, my office and the studio bathroom and attic storage remain on the list. Never fear, I will never be out of projects!

But I have to admit, I miss the thrill of completely refreshing and revamping a space (like my kitchen). Therefore, I am happy to share with you that two tremendously awesome things happened in the late fall: 1) my parents moved up to Chico, and 2) they bought a home that needs a complete overhaul. Can you see me rubbing my hands together with glee?

The home they bought is teeny-tiny, but it sits on a full acre in the charming country-side – yet just five minutes from downtown Chico. Not only is the home teeny-tiny, but even smaller is the kitchen:

To give you an idea of just how small, that photo my friends, was taken with a wide-angle lens. The room only measures 8 feet across.

Fortunately, my parents accounted for a remodel with their home purchase price. So while it would be on a tight budget, there was enough to completely gut the kitchen and make it a cozy, functioning space. The inspiration for the space is cottage, farmhouse, country charm (and not in the cluttered sense of the term). The problems: A water heater and vent that took up almost 1/3 of the whole kitchen, outdated and broken appliances, not enough counter space, bad lighting, and don’t even get me started on the black and white vinyl floor tile

I have a whole pinterest board of cottage inspiration, but these two photos really exemplify the look they wanted for their kitchen:

Much, much better, right? Simple. Light. Charming.

Here is the mood board I created with the kitchen inspiration:





In case you can’t tell, my mother is very fond of yellow. 🙂

The cabinets are from Ikea (Lidingo), as is the farmhouse sink and the butcher block counters. The yellow penny tile backsplash is from Home Depot. It’s such a simple yet pleasing look, really, and perfect for a small space.

The place has already been gutted and the new kitchen is going in! I’m excited to share with you the “after” and a full breakdown once the kitchen is finished.

Happy Monday, friends!!


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  • Claire says:

    What sort of floor tile are you using? I liked the checker board, was it the lino that had you gagging or are you just really not a fan of checkers?

  • rebekah says:

    Hi Claire! The whole house is hardwood except for the kitchen/den. My parents plan to continue the hardwood throughout. It’s hard to see in the photos, but the vinyl tile is kinda icky in person and because it’s such a small house, it’s jarring to see it from the living room. Contiguous floors will make it flow much better!

  • Tina says:

    I know how much you have always wanted your parents to move to Chico, so this is such exciting news!!! They must be in heaven being so close to your three boys now! Can’t wait to see the reveal 🙂

  • Cindy says:

    Love your kitchen inspiration. I can’t wait to see the finished pictures. Just curious, why did you decide to use a double sink? Is that something your mom has been used to? Most farm sinks I see are a large single bowl.

    • rebekah says:

      Hi Cindy! The main reason was that for the size cabinet that they needed under the window, Ikea didn’t make a single bowl, only a double bowl. The other farmhouse sinks (Shaw, etc) are hundreds of dollars more so we compromised and went with the double sink to save money. They are used to a double, so I think they’ll like it.

  • Sherilyn says:

    Love your ideas! Especially the farmhouse sink from ikea. I love it but saw online that some people had issues with cracking. Would love to get your feedback on the quality of the sink. Also, I’m a new fan so I just saw your bedroom remodel online. Is there anyway you can provide your chevron flooring info – brand, retailer etc? Thanks so much!

    • rebekah says:

      Hi Sherilyn! We had the floors custom fabricated by Czar floors – http://www.czarfloors.com/other.asp and shipped to us. It’s a bit obscure as most people don’t have chevron or herringbone done anymore, so no major retailer carried it. That said, czar floors didn’t really end up being any more per sq. ft. The quality was great. Hope this helps!