{ the month of december }

Be ye warned: December’s instagram recap is very Christmas-ey.

{ The Great Flood of 2012 – see that tiny red thing? That’s a canoe. On our street. }

{ Cam decorated this gingerbread house all by himself. Then came downstairs early every morning to eat off of it until I figured out what was happening. Candy for breakfast, anyone? }

{ Our adorable little Kelsey 5 x 8 saw some use at our holiday open house. }

{ Three boys – identical sweaters, not on purpose! I dressed one, Matt dressed the other, Cam dressed himself, we met in the middle and laughed. }

{ This year’s kid tree – a Ponderosa Charlie-Brownish thing of wonder. }

{ Jammie night! }

{ How I set the table for Christmas. Plus ten more place settings, of course. }

{ Snowman pancakes!! }

{ Yay! Presents!! We follow the three things only rule: something to read, something to wear, something to play with… }

{ What our tree looked like this year – believe it or not, the only picture I took of it. Oh well, it looked remarkably like last year’s tree anyhow. }

{ the fireplace and hearth at the cabin. My idea of completely cozy. }

Happy Friday. See you around the bend!

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  • jackie says:

    your boys are so adorable. and i L O V E that gift rule of 3, we want christmas to be mostly about being with family and the meal and not about him getting a ton o’ stuff. thanks for that!