{the month of november}

November 2012 – was a big yay! Busy but fun. Brief highlights here…

{ Lance, our resident foodie, browses Martha Stewart Living – pausing only for the food pages. }

{ A drive in the first snow of the year. Can I just give snow a big hug? }

{ I have decanted my main baking ingredients into glass. I now love looking at my counter top. So homey. }

{ Yes, I have a wreath addiction. Yet another one – this turned out sooo pretty once it was finished. Shiny! }

{ Speaking of leaves, Chico’s Autumn season was awesome this year. Leaftacular, really. }

{ If broccoli and cauliflower had a baby, and it was delicious and looked like a green alien, this would be it. Romanesco. }

{ In which I made waffles, and the small children of the world rejoiced. }

{ Lastly, braised lamb shank over butternut risotto. I love it when food is both pretty AND delicious.  I swear by this recipe here. }