Monthly Archives: December 2012

{ happy 2013 }

The years keep getting bigger and brighter!! Can you believe 2013 is here? The blog has been a bit silent over the past couple weeks – hosting 19 people at our home for Christmas and the biggest Wild Ink Press year ever might have something to do with it… A 2012 recap is headed your […]

in defense of fruitcake.

I’m here today to talk about fruitcake. Yes, really. Poor fruitcake. Much maligned, much joked about, even rumored to be banned by the TSA (it’s not true, I assure you). And we’ve all heard the laugh about there only being one real fruitcake in existence, passed around each year ad nauseam. Here’s where I stir […]

{ o christmas coasters }

Hi. Just popping in with a quick little note. (I’m trying to be more spontaneous like that!) Our letterpress coasters from last Friday’s open house are now available in our etsy shop! We printed them during the open studio, and there are six different little designs: Aren’t they cute? Matt thinks they are very minimalist, […]