{ the month of october }

October rocked my socks off!  To think that Harvest hadn’t even started, we had not yet traveled to Korea, and were still enjoying the end of summer… one short month ago.

I took an inordinate amount of instagram shots this month. With three busy boys and no Matt around to help (again, Harvest) it was impossible to lug the big camera around all the time – so if I saw something fun, I just whipped out my iPhone and snapped away. These are simply a few highlights.

{ Last load of cucumbers from the garden. I loved my summer garden. Sadly, I didn’t have time to plant a winter one. }

{ When Matt forgets hair gel and heads to a Korean drugstore, this is what he buys. Of course. }

{ Seoul has the craziest night life. So vibrant. Blocks upon blocks of pedestrian-only streets, and they all look like Time’s Square. }

{ Care for some chewy hog feet? I only like mine with sometimes poisonous sea-snail. }

{ Quite possibly my favorite photograph of the year. }

{ Seoul is one amazing city. Really. }

{ Brothers. Double car nap. }

{ I wish this wasn’t blurry. This was the overgrown tomatoes that Cam and I tackled all by ourselves. He is one amazing worker!! }

{ Pumpkin patching. }

{ I love that Cameron loves hats. Seriously, he wears some form of hat at all times. That night’s choice I like to call Film Noir. }

{ Out to Sunday brunch. Three boys and one momma out at a restaurant? I’m sure they thought I was crazy. I am. }

{ Once it turns chilly, I drink hot water instead of cold. It’s awesome. }

{ Houston, we have another big eater. }

{ The next Sunday lunch, we tried a picnic. Three boys and one momma at the park? Much, much better. }

{ Cow gang. }


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