{ the month of april }

Oh April, April, wherefore art thou, April? Gone, I see.

We may be crazy-busy, but life marches on. Here are some snatches of our spring.

{ Why take just a bike ride when you could take a PIRATE bike ride? Yarrr. }

{ Printing. Printing. Printing. Pretty much all we do nowadays, it seems. }

{ Pressure washing a polypropylene rug is like pure magic. Now you see the algae… now you don’t. }

{ If we have a spare moment, we play bocce ball with the kids in the early evening. }

{ It can be hotly contested at times. }

{ Testing out our stationery show booth colors for this year. Do you see… ombré? }

{ When you’re hungry, you’re hungry. Even if it means eating a cold pancake. }

{ What? No sand in the sandbox yet? Who cares!! }

{ Lots of growing things. }

{ Candyland Victory!! }

{ At the risk of being redundant: strawberries. Grown two blocks from our house. Sigh. I love Spring. }

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  • Tina Dahl says:

    I love the fact Cam is in the sandbox with his costume on…makes me smile as our 6 year old son STILL likes to dress up in various costumes (Indiana Jones and Pirate) for no reason whatsover and run around outside! Happy Spring!