Monthly Archives: February 2012

a sip { or two } of kauai.

Aloha, there friends and readers. As you may have guessed from the title, we slipped away for a little family (and extended family, actually) vacation last month. I actually hadn’t planned on sharing any photos on the blog from the trip… but I was going through my iPhoto account, and I realized three things: one) […] { the month of january }

Time for the monthly photo dump!! A brief ode to January: Thou wert… some parts shut-in…and some travel. some vacation…and some work.    some eating…and some lose-your-appetite-icky-realities of life.           Ah, you know us, a hefty mix of all. { homemade cioppino (that’s the discard bowl): California winter at its finest. } { a warm […]