Monthly Archives: November 2011

baked pumpkin pudding.

About four years into our marriage (so, what, five years ago?) I discovered baked puddings. When you think of pudding, what do you think of? Stovetop? Jello brand (heaven forbid!)? That was pretty much how I pictured it until one holiday season I made “plum pudding” the old fashioned, spicy, baked and liquor-filled rich dessert. […] { the month of october }

Hello weekend, Hello November! (And hello Daylight Savings Time – every Fall you make me happy) In review: October was Harvest-y. That’s pretty much it. Oh, and these little things in between… { If you let a kid dress himself, he’s bound to come down dressed in snowpants at least once. On an 85 degree […]

2011 holiday store { and new cards! }

It’s November, so brace yourselves boys and girls – we’re setting before your eyes the holiday store! If you’re not ready for any thoughts of Christmas, skip this post, ‘kay? I know many of you are ready to start thinking about the holidays, as I’ve had emails and messages asking: 1) when our store will […]