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hello there.

Well, whaddya wanna know?  Here's the plain and simple truth:  My name is Rebekah Tennis and I love design.  I love paper, the way it feels, its weight and texture.  I love extra special touches on little things: homemade tags on gift-wrap, old stamps on an envelope, and twine on nearly everything.

My husband, business partner and all-around solid rock Matt would probably tell you that he likes tools - lots of 'em, finding the perfect way to do something, taking things apart, and precision in everything. 

So you might as well have guessed by now... we are the perfect match for an old letterpress studio. Together we farm rice and have three adorable and active boys ages 5 and under.  This keeps us fairly busy, but whenever we have a spare moment, we crank up our 102 year old Chandler and Price platen press and pull some prints, or whip out a card line on the Heidelberg. 

There's more, oh yes, there IS more - but that's what this blog is for.  Take a look around, get to know us, our great town of Chico, California and our beautiful presses.


As I alluded recently, right now we are in the thick of rice harvest (our real other job). A surprise series of rain storms in early October slowed the process down a bit and set us into the mud… which no farmer likes to face. Thankfully, our recent weather has been perfect, and the fields are now coming in without too much of a hitch.

The boys and I miss Matt terribly… it’s seven days a week, morning-until-evening work. In fact, there’s some days when little Lance Parker has been asleep past when Matt left the house in the morning, and then has gone to bed for the night before Matt returns home. Which could be bad if it added up! I do usually try to keep both boys awake, albeit in their jammies, until the farmer makes it home.

However… on Saturdays, we take a trip out to the ranch to bring Matt his lunch and eat with him. Cameron usually begs a harvester or bank-out wagon ride or two. And for Lance, this is his first harvest! He’s just now figuring out how cool giant green tractors can be.

Above: Cameron loading on for a harvester ride with Grandad. Bank-out wagon on the left, harvester on the right.

Above: “driving” an old bank-out.

Now it’s time for the obligatory wheel portrait…

…for those of you wanting to see the size difference between Lance and Cameron – well, there you have it.

Above: “fixing” a tractor. And being goofy.

Above: Some tractor love from the little guy.

Above: An unharvested rice field.


Play “I spy”. Can you see the harvester in the rice check above?

That’s pretty much the show! Mosquitoes will eat you alive at high-noon at the ranch, and you’re sure to get pretty muddy too.

“What’s that mom? Don’t step in the mud?”

Ah, well, never mind!

PS You can check out previous harvests right here.

October 26, 2011 - 12:55 pm Penny - Your kids are so handsome. I live in the city and don't get to enjoy the open space of nature. I Like the post and hope all is well with the weather in the future. Thanks for sharing.

October 27, 2011 - 4:26 pm Cari - I love harvest!

October 27, 2011 - 4:37 pm Cari - I accidentally submitted too soon. : ) Just wanted to say "hi" and introduce myself since I am in your neck of the woods (in fact, I noticed a photo of a my 2nd cousins place on your blog awhile back), I went to CHS with Matt, my 3 boys and I go "help" my uncle with rice harvest every year, and so many other little details you share that I can relate to. Thank you for sharing, and maybe I will run into at a farmer's market one of these days. Cari

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