Monthly Archives: October 2011

a pirate birthday.

If you remember the tractor birthday extravaganza from last year, you may have paused to scratch your head that I haven’t brought up Cam’s 4th birthday yet on this-here blog. It was October 9 (same as every year!) but we were waist deep in harvest and kept it really, really low key. And you know […]

my autumnal living room.

It’s been a while since I’ve shown you any seasonal changes in my living room/dining room decor. Not since last Christmas, to be precise. I did take down my Christmas decorations by New Year, and added a few warm/winter-white touches. And there it stayed until around April, I added some bits of pale green and […]


As I alluded recently, right now we are in the thick of rice harvest (our real other job). A surprise series of rain storms in early October slowed the process down a bit and set us into the mud… which no farmer likes to face. Thankfully, our recent weather has been perfect, and the fields […]

squash and sausage and sage, oh my.

I’ve got a full leaf pile of Fall recipes to share with you… Autumn fruits and vegetables really inspire me to get back into the kitchen. It’s easy to skip out on roasting and baking during the Summer months, opting for caprese salads, simple pizzas and plenty of outdoor grilling. However, I don’t want this […]