Monthly Archives: June 2011

as american as… dipped ice cream cones.

It’s finally summer here in Chico… and about time too! One of the best ways to beat the heat is with a little cold treat now and then. We’re not huge dessert people, but the occasional ice cream cone does hit the spot, so we’ve been known to stop at Shubert’s late on a summer […]

more texture {faux bois}

Checking off the list of “things I haven’t shown you yet” (which, don’t get me really started or I’ll get depressed about the amount of product I’ve designed, printed and packaged but never photographed and blogged)… we have more from our interiors/textile series: our faux bois card (“foh bwah”, for those of you who want […]

staircase {reveal}

Okay so, yeah, it’s been a while since I left you dangling in the middle of our staircase project, unpainted and unfinished. We just FINALLY had Matt install the new rail last week, so now I’m ready to show it to you! You like it? I love it!! Here are a few sweet details… Doesn’t […]