Monthly Archives: April 2011

a couple of good eggs.

As we head into the weekend (I’m working, but still, yay!) I thought I’d share with you a little arts and crafts project Cameron and I did yesterday: good, old-fashioned egg decoration. We started out with some beautiful, farm fresh eggs… …that are almost too pretty to decorate. Aren’t those natural colors lovely? We buy […]

a bit sketchy.

So I can’t really show you anything we’ve been cooking up for the National Stationery Show (booth 1671!)… yet. I can tell you that apart from being all-consuming and stressful… it’s also been inspiring. The newest designs have come entirely from my sketch book. Pencil it, ink it in, scan it, tweak it slightly, and […]

oiled floors! {big boy room update}

I’m waay overdue to update you on our remodel (phase three: staircase and big boy room). I’m pretty sure I’ve just left you hanging in suspense this entire time. How have you been able to stand it? =) Seriously, we haven’t made that much progress on the room. But, the bones are done (yay!) and […]