Monthly Archives: March 2011

louie, louie.

The presses are chugging away over here, but I had to stop and take a moment to tell you about a fun little thing. Our tractor birthday invites (remember them from here, and the birthday party that inspired them) are a finalist in the 2010-11 Louie Awards. What are the Louies, you say? I’d like […]

{ meet lance parker }

Here he is!! Meet our newest little guy… Lance Parker Tennis. Affectionately known around here for our many waiting months as “Korea Baby” (a phrase coined by Cameron), Lance has been home with us for over two weeks and is settling in the busy Tennis household. He isĀ  not quite ten months old, incredibly smiley […]

there and back again {korea edition}

How does one begin a post like this? Seoul, Korea is intense, interesting, intimidating, international, and any other “i” adjective you want to add. And worth sharing on the blog, even though I normally don’t include travel stories. Let me burst your bubble right now… there are no pictures of the newest little Tennis in […]