Monthly Archives: September 2010

{ contentment. }

I had one of those melt-down mornings. You know, the “I’m never gonna get it done”, deadline-deadline-deadline, kind of days. Top it off with making major decisions, and bemoaning the fact that we never have weekends or evenings off (when did I get to be so busy?!?)… basically, I was having a bad attitude today. […]

fall flavors on { b*spoke blog }

I’m guest posting over at Bethany Hway’s lovely blog, b*spoke, today.  Head on over there if you want to see my favorite things about fall (plus, her blog and design work are awesome). Thanks Bethany, for including me in your Fall Flavors series!

a hint of autumn.

What can I say? A whole season has changed since we talked last (sorry to leave you hanging all the way since Labor Day weekend, friend!).  Bye bye Summer (which for California was short), hello Fall!  For me that means jeans, tractors, crunchy leaves, great morning runs and crisp evenings. Not to mention the fabulous […]