Monthly Archives: July 2010

we’re totally famous now.

I kid.  But… we’ve been interviewed and published!  And golly, gosh, gee, we are thrilled about it! Here is this week’s Chico News and Review sitting on our coffee table… Catchy cover story, yes?  Well, that’s not us (not that I wouldn’t be happy to lose a few).  Did you take a glance at the […]

{ hicks brothers }

Where do letterpresses go to die?  Is there some misty, hidden elephant graveyard that swallows up the iron bones of the old beast presses, secreting them for all eternity?  Um, not really.  Most old presses get dumped in scrap metal yards, stirred together ingloriously with other pieces of sad forgotten things. Unless… they are lucky […]

around the house: the nursery.

Once upon a time, I started blogging bits about our home decor and remodel.  I showed you a few rooms from our home:  the living room (in several seasons), the kitchen (and its remodel), the outside, and most recently, our guest and master bath remodels. But we do have other spaces I haven’t shown you […]