Monthly Archives: May 2010

oh, my. gracious.

Some kids are kids.  Others are little adults.  Wonder which kind I have?  The following is a word-for-word transcript from this morning: Cameron (2) enters the kitchen and announces his arrival by exclaiming: “Oh, my. Gracious!” Surveys the scene. I am getting out bread. C: “Watcha doin’ babe?” Me: “I’m making a sandwich.” C: “I […]

in which i turn thirty.

I actually hadn’t planned to do a post on this (have the master bath details and also a pretty wedding suite we just printed all lined up and ready to go).  But how often does one change decades?  Not too many times – I’ve only done it twice so far (my thirtieth birthday being tomorrow, […]

guest post { the sweetest occasion }

Check out our guest post on being a freelancer and a mommy over on The Sweetest Occasion. Many thanks to Cyd for having me – in honor of the National Stationery Show this week, she’s got a whole bunch of paper people, letterpressers and designers on her blog. I don’t pretend to be an expert […]