Monthly Archives: February 2010

a hex upon you.

The bathroom remodel(s) continue.  And continue.  On and on and on. I’d love to say we’re in the home stretch – but I don’t think we are yet!  I keep remembering the old formula:  great quality, great price, speedy delivery – pick any two.  So true!  We have definitely chosen the former two in that […]

a happy, happy weekend to you.

It’s Friday!  And a special weekend we have ahead of us… Lincoln’s Birthday, Saint Valentine’s Day and President’s Day all crammed in and jockeying for their own spot. In fact, some of you may be off celebrating already, in honor of old honest Abe. We are headed to the family cabin in the mountains.  I […]


Happy Monday, dear friends!  We are excited to be very busy this week with stationery orders as a result of our website launch and stationery giveaway (yay!).  But before it’s too, too late, I wanted to share with you our last, nearly-belated offering for Valentine’s Day (although, you should note, all of our valentine cards […]

{ a gala. }

Gala. Ever since I was little I have loved the sound of that word.  It seems larger than life, starting great words like “galaxy” and exotic words like “galapagos”.  Look at the definition: Gala n.  A festive occasion, especially a lavish social event or entertainment. Sounds fabulous, right? Mostly, it makes me think of a […]