Monthly Archives: January 2010

shepherds pie, two ways { part one }

It’s still rainy here in Northern California and I’m appreciative, because we desperately need it.  Yay for snow pack and more water!  To keep from getting the winter doldrums, I suggest curling up by the fire with a good book, or playing a game you don’t usually play (for us it’s chess) and eating comfort […]

master bathroom { before }

Here are the “before” pictures of our master bath!  Actually, they’re almost during pictures, because the tile removal had started and all of the towels etc had been cleared out when I thought “Oh no, I’ve never photographed this bathroom before, and it’s almost gone!!” So, I snapped a few pics in a hurry while […]

it’s bathtime, um, again.

Howdy to you all on this rainy yet fine MLK day! I’m back to give you a glimpse of the guest bath plans I alluded to earlier. If you recall (and you should be able to because it was, well, only two posts ago) we are attempting the impossible and biting off two bathroom renovations […]

a case of the drizzlies.

It’s a gray and almost rainy Monday.  Which means it looks exactly the same as last week did, and the week before.  With all of this gray, don’t you think we’d get some plain old rain, or some sunny and coveted sunshine?  Don’t get me wrong, it’s all very pretty: {view from our dining room […]