Monthly Archives: October 2009

{feels like autumn now.}

Here’s the big reveal!!! Um, okay it’s not that big.  I moved a few things around, took a couple things away, added other things, and cozied everything in general a bit.  But let’s take a look anyway! That’s the overview!  Hopefully warm and cozy and bright and neutral.  Now onto my favorite part, the vignettes… […]

fall decor… the process.

Is it Friday already?  Crazy!  I’ve got three posts to toss your way today… that’s right, THREE, my friends.  I promised some fall decor, right?  And here I am delivering. I thought it might be fun to give a glimpse of the “in-between” stage – my house looked like this for two whole days.  See, […]

a leaftacular wreath.

Feeling crafty?  Here’s my {ahem} attempt at a little DIY fall decorating goodness for your enjoyment (or mockument, as the case may be). Little disclaimer here:  I’ve never considered myself to be a “craft” person.  While I love being creative, and creativity in general, I often lack the ability to pull things off.  “Things” being […]