Monthly Archives: September 2009


Today.  Today is something. 610 years ago today, Henry IV was proclaimed King of England.  218 years ago, The Magic Flute, Mozart’s last opera, was performed for the first time. 62 years ago, Pakistan joined the U.N. 32 years ago, political prisoners, Eugenio Lopez, Jr. and Sergio Osmeña III escape from Fort Bonifacio Maximum Security […]


Feeling immersed in Italy here this fine Monday morning.  Several reasons, I suppose. One, I am working on a Venezia theme for some printed goods for a very special occasion next year (more on this later-later).  Two, I am planning a menu for a small dinner party for a certain special someone’s birthday this week […]

the silver {envelope} lining.

It’s Friday, isn’t it?  I’ve got to tell you, last night at 11:30 pm, working on a job that hit snag after snag after snag, I wasn’t sure I was going to make it to Friday. But here I am, alive and well!  A bit tired because we stayed up till three am getting the […]